Commitee/Conference Chairman

Prof J. Pombo, Institute of Railway Research, University of Huddersfield, UK, and
LAETA,IDMEC,IST-University of Lisbon & ISEL-Lisbon Polytechnic Institute, Portugal

Dr J. Pombo

João Pombo is Professor of Railway Technology at the Institute of Railway Research, University of Huddersfield, UK, with a PhD and Post-Doc in Mechanical Engineering by the University of Lisbon, Portugal. He is a specialist in railway engineering and technology with more than 20 years’ experience and has been involved in Research and Development (R&D) activities involving train & track dynamics, vehicle-infrastructure & pantograph-catenary interaction, infrastructure & structural analysis, condition monitoring, wear, maintenance and optimization. He has led and participated in several national and international projects in close collaboration with leading international research centres and industry players. He also has more than three years’ working experience at BOMBARDIER and ALSTOM. João Pombo’s R&D work has been awarded four innovation prizes and he is author of more than 100 papers in refereed journals and international conferences. He is the editor-in-chief of the “International Journal of Railway Technology” and chairman of the "International Conference on Railway Technology" series.

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